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ON June 5 Veterans’ Ecological Trades Collective’s (VETC) will determine if we will open registration for our
August 15-30, 2020, VETS_CAFE(TM) Permaculture Design Course (PDC). In the past we have looked forward to
visits to our farm from hundreds of veterans annually, and the participation of 25+ annually in our intensive
Farmer Veteran training programs. This year we anticipate that Washington State Covid response will preclude
our annual hands-on training event, the VETS_CAFE PDC. Therefore we have designed an alternate path toward
mission fulfillment.

Regardless of whether we hold open registration for the 2020 VETS_CAFE PDC, VETS_CAFE will host four
(4) internship positions at the VETC’s #VetsFarm. These internships will be of 500-1000 hours in duration, and
extend through 2020. Internships will be filled by current volunteers and members.
They will include the 80hr VETS_CAFE PDC, 200+ hours of hands on practicum and 220 hour+ of on the job
training. Positions include Farm Manager, Conservation Manager, Communications Manager, and Program
Assistant/Volunteer Manager. All of these positions qualify as prior work experience for Enterprise for Equity’s
Agriprenuer Business Training Program with veterans scholarship awards. Some of the internship positions will
be available with stipend through the WDVA VCC internship program.

We will follow Washington State Covid Response guidelines in either scenario, assuring that participants in
VETC and/or VETS_CAFE programs have necessary training and support to accomplish their goals as
supported by our Mission. The breadth of knowledge shared in a PDC is a game changer for many participants
lives. In the event we cannot hold open enrollment for a PDC, hosting interns in the position of essential
operations for our agriculture programs will assure that a depth of knowledge is imparted to participants who
endure our unique and rigorous internship training.

VETC and VETS_CAFE are mission driven towards the establishment of Veteran Owned Businesses in
conservation, agriculture, forestry, and ecological design. As we move forward, with eyes on leadership for
appropriate and adequate analysis and response to public safety issues, environment, economics, and other topics
of policy discourse, we do so with unrelenting intent to provide the best possible support to the Veterans we
work with as they realize their liberty and freedom in service to a hungry nation.
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AUG 14 - AUG 29 2020 


Cost: $1250* 

*FREE to VETC Members

VETC Membership is $500 with work-trade options for up to $400 value

Permaculture is a design method deeply informed by Ecological Literacy - "Eco-literacy". Eco-literacy is the ability to observe and comprehend the patterns and principles which drive the life sustaining systems of planet Earth. Eco-literacy provides insight and points of engagement which positively effect patterns of ecological assembly and function. Ultimately, the resilience and endurance of human communities are bound to ecosystems function, and their appropriate management is the center of human cultural resilience.

In our intensive 2-week intensive off-grid Permaculture campout you will engage in 80 hours of topics outlined in the Permaculture Institute of North America's Core Permaculture Curriculum. In addition to one of kind field trips, community events, and check-ins with some of the regions finest old school, renegade, and experimental ecological designers, youll be served farm fresh food and get to talk with the producers who grow it- all while camping with a group of vets who, like you, are ready to work with a team to turn the tide of farm land loss and create a resilient, local, diverse, and inclusive food system. 

The main focus of the Course Design Work will be detailing our campgrounds, laying the the foundation for a 10ac 40+site campground, with a Civilian Conservation Corps style kitchen. This will include design of tent platforms and lean-to's, a gazebo, trails edged by native edible, and and the camp kitchen with all the fixin's- appropriate technology style. Cob oven, hotbox heaters, Zeer food coolers, and a small solar power station.

Veterans will walk away with a greater sense of ecological literacy, an opportunity to pre-qualify for Enterprise for Equities (E4E) Agriprenuer Business Training Program. Veterans who build a business plan may apply to the VETC Stewardship Committee for a spot in VETC's Farm Incubator, and with E4E's Business plan in hand may apply for a low interest business loan of up to $25k to get started- veterans taking our PDC and completing a business plan with E4E could feasibly join theVETC Stewardship Committee and begin producing in the VETC Ag Incubator as early as Spring of 2021.

2020 Lead Facilitators will be Deston Denniston, MS.Ag, and Rick Valley, PINA Diplomat.  Guest instructors include: Huckleberry Leonard, edible landscaping pro; Dan Barth, Patriot Shellfish LLC, and others: Our complete list of the August 2020 VETS_CAFE PDC facilitators and guests will be announced by early summer 2020.

ON August 29 we will be hosting the Washington State Chapter of the Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC-WA) State Chapter Dinner. We will be roasting a pig, and farmers from around the state will be joining us with their farm fresh produce to lay down a spread of epic proportions for our graduation ceremony! More info to come.

Who We Are

VETS_CAFE is a registered Trademark used under agreement with VETC (501(c)3) for promotional purposes.  VETS_CAFE works as a leader in regenerative farm design, conservation & consulting. VETC conservation, agriculture, forestry, and ecology training programs work with teams of veterans and allies to design, build, and enjoy community conservation and agriculture projects and veteran farms. VETC's vision is of a network of local and regional farms and farmers who stabilize regional food systems.


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