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VETC exists to support veterans and allies in acquiring skills that launch or refine careers in

Conservation, Agriculture, Forestry and Ecological Design.


Please download and read our

2020 Review/2021 View:

VETC 2020 Annual Report and 2021 Focus Areas

Even as we hope the coming year will be different, there is scant chance of a return to prior "normals" any time soon, if at all. Then again, our non profit is not attempting to normalize history, we are working to surpass it. We remain flexible, cautiously optimistic, and very grateful for your support this last year. Whether you made donations of money or materials, or prompted us through "real talk" and heartfelt guidance, your contributions moved us through a challenging and eye opening year. The above attached report covers much of that, and where we will take it moving into 2021.

There are no promises for a better future. If we want that we will have to work for it. Our best hope is to continue working with you all.

May You Be Happy, May you be Peaceful, May you be Joyful, May you be Free.

Who We Are

VETS_CAFE is a registered Trademark used under agreement with VETC (501(c)3) for promotional purposes.  VETS_CAFE works as a leader in regenerative farm design, conservation & consulting. VETC conservation, agriculture, forestry, and ecology training programs work with teams of veterans and allies to design, build, and enjoy community conservation and agriculture projects and veteran farms. VETC's vision is of a network of local and regional farms and farmers who stabilize regional food systems.

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