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Programs For Veteran Farmers

VETS_CAFE doesn't merely pass along skills to veterans and our allies, but actively cultivates enduring networks for continued skill sharing and development of our core product- farmers capable of facing the challenges of climate change, business & marketing, and rapidly changing political and legal environments.

The Whole Hog

In 2014 VETS_CAFE worked with the Olympia Meat Collective to produce a Pasture to Plate Program.


We put 6 pigs in the locker while teaching 9 vets about pasture management, diet, animal health, slaughter and butcher. In 2017 we raised 2 hogs for a pasture to plate feast, Pork and Whiskey. 


During our Whole Hog courses, participating vets and allies can buy a live hog, learn best management practices for small scale production, and close the deal with butchery classes that includes a to-go basket with everything from bacon to ham.

Permaculture Design Courses

Veterans have a clear edge in starting their farm when design skills, implementation, team building and networking combine to produce a well thought out site and business design.


VETS_CAFE has held two Permaculture Design Courses certified by Permaculture Institute North America, 501(c)(7). In 2012 we led a training at Camp Kuhl, near Oregon City, OR, and in 2013 we held a training at the Peace of Paradise Farm in Olympia, WA. Both sites are veteran owned. After a hiatus, were back in 2018 as a Non Profit, the Veterans' Ecological Trades Collective, and planning a summer/fall 2018 Permaculture Design Course. 

Boots to Roots & Vets Cafe Summer Camp,
Camp Kuhl, Oregon City, Oregon, 2012
Operation: SEEDBALLS
For as long as 3 millennium farmers and gardeners around the world have used seedballs to protect seeds from rodents and birds and to assure nutrients are where the seeds need them at germination.
Covered in clay and nutrient rich organic compost, seedballs are scattered with confidence that germination will be realized on the seasons first wetting rains. Masanobu Fukuoka, a visionary farmer and naturalist from south Japan, developed methods of mechanically creating seedballs, increasing production by orders of magintude over early hand production methods. At VETS_CAFE we've moved this legacy forward by introducing a variety of modern organic nutrients to the seedball, and by developing seedball packages for conservation, agriculture and forestry applications. Forget tilling, forget ploughs, forget harrows. Change the way you cultivate. GOT BALLS?


Associated Programs 


VETS_CAFE (a DBA of Abundance Consulting LLC) is a partner in the South Puget Veterans Partnership (SSVP). The SSVP is an affiliation of organizations building a holistic, non traditional transition platform for veterans.


Partners include the Washington State Veterans Conservation Corps, GRuB/Growing Veterans (501(c)(3)), Enterprise for Equity (501(c)(3)), the The Center for Natural Lands Management (501(c)(3)), Ranier Theraputic Riding (501(c)(3)), Oly Float (LLC) and others who recognize that our most important resource is our potential. By serving those who served, these organizations set a clear priority for developing and delivering the immense skills, vision and value which returning veterans bring to our community. From GRuB/Growing Veterans garden therapy access to Entreprenurial Business Training which turns training into right livlihood, the SSVP provides a whole system support network for veterans who will contribute to and create richer, more diverse, resilient and thriving communities.

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