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August 14-29, 2021

We are moving forward with plans to host a 2021 PDC.

Proof of covid vaccination will be necessary for registration.


While there is no charge for a veteran to take the course, there is a worktrade impacted sliding scale  Lifetime Membership Fee of $100-$500. Membership includes lifetime free access to site program amenities such as campground, fishing pond, hiking tails, and more.

Sponsored Non Veteran's (SNV) registration cost is $550-$1050 based on worktrade. SNV's may join VETC with a membership fee of $100-$500 also based on worktrade.

In Addition, members who present a complete business plan may submit it to VETC Stewardship Committee  as an applicant to become a Stewarding Member of the Veterans' Farm Cooperative, the incubator side of our non profit.

To APPLY, fill out and send in the form linked here;

accepted applicants will receive a registration form at the email provided.

Questions? Feel free to contact us by email.

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