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VETC Board Of Directors

DAN BARTH- Dan is a Vietnam Combat Veteran. Prior to his service he earned a Forestry Degree from the University of Michigan. Dan was later drafted, then enlisted, in the Army. This led him to a position as Assistant Post Forester for the Army while stationed in Arizona after returning from Vietnam. Dan also served in the WA National Guard. After discharge, he worked for the Washington State DNR for several decades, retiring in 2002. He now enjoys a second (third?!?) career, working as a shellfish aquaculture consultant; he as been an advisor to the National Farmer Veteran Coalition, is the owner of Patriot Shellfish Farms LLC, and is VETC's "senior board advisor"; while its not a legally defined role, it is one we regard with utmost respect. Dan brings years of experience in working with developing small ag and forestry business, as well as a passion for serving his fellow veterans. We look forward to his continued input and direction for the deep development of our work, as well as his calm but untiring social shucking- some of his oysters hold pearls, and all of them are delicious.

BRYAN JAN- An OIF veteran with a background that spans commercial aviation, wind turbine mechanics, property management/real estate, and logistics, Bryan stood forward to join our board after taking our 2019 VETS_CAFE Permaculture Design Course. He served 14 years with the US Army, and now is senior advisor to a growing flock of chickens and turkeys at his small farm near Olympia, Wa, where he lives with his wife and two children. In his spare time he enjoys golfing- so much so that he was able to Caddy for two years for contenders at the US Open. We look forward to working with Bryan to explore innovative ways to market and and connect our work to the broad veterans community, as Bryan's clear passion lies in networking and personal relationships.

GARY MICHELBERGER- A professor of nursing with a background in intensive psychiatric care, Gary brings over 11 years of experience serving our country as a GS employee for the Department of Defence/U.S. Army. He has worked as a psychiatric nurse on two inpatient psychiatric units; most recently, he spent 5 years in Germany at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Now back in the Great PNW, Gary works to improve basic and advanced nursing skills while remaining intensely devoted to community service. His passions include End of Life rituals and the sanctity of forests; We look forward to exploring what a Veterans' Memorial Arboretum at our site might entail with Gary.

MANDY STAHRE- Mandy is small farmholder with her prior-military spouse and two children, and moreover holds a Ph.D. in epidemiology. She believes VETC's approach benefits veterans, communities, and the local ecosystem. She has built a career in government service and has experience with fiscal notes, grant writing, evaluation, assessments, and policy/rule-making. She brings an understanding of legislative process and how policy makers gather information from constituents that shapes laws and regulations. Her background in public health and years of experience working in data analysis related to social determinants of health and health outcomes promise to give VETC a real and solid basis of understanding our impacts and a path to sharing them with lawmakers and the public in a meaningful way.

JENN TORGERSON- Jenn is a Bookkeeper and small business owner with over 11 years of bookkeeping and payroll experience. Her involvement in developing small businesses from the ground up as well as maintaining the books and processing payroll for more than 30 local businesses in the South Salish region leaves her well qualified to serve veterans through our Non profit. In addition to being a veteran spouse, and small farm/small business operator with her husband and kids, she has a strong background with horses, a gift we hope to leverage and bring to our farm.

CRAIG LAWRENCE- Chief Petty Officer Lawrence is a Project Manager with 20+ years of experience in the construction industry. His extensive experience with government, institutional, and healthcare project management has made him adept at leading project teams, and managing multiple projects simultaneously. His proven history of adapting to unique challenges began with strawbale construction in 2000, and his passion for ecological design continues to this day. As a Navy Reserve NCO, his proficiencies are enhanced by military construction project management with the US Navy Reserve's Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB- 25). With his inclination to new challenges, we look forward to working with Craig to design and build our site infrastructure out to optimums while maintaining an ecological design ethic that sets the pace and direction for regional construction projects.

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