If you are able to donate the following, please contact us here!

We can pick up, it might take a few trips.

  1) Forestry Gates 


  2) Large sheets cardboard (fridge, bike, and couch boxes, etc.) 


  3) New Roolls of 2" chicken wire, 6'x100f

  4) Wood Chipper with 4" capacity ( a loaner is great!) 

  5) Old Strawbales and old Haybales 


  6) 400+ 2' 1"x2" wooden ground stakes



1) Two cargo boxes, water tight, lockable with lock guards. 


... the rest of it:

~Spades, shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, pallets

~Paint and Stencil sets

~ Gas Generator

~2-4kW solar array with 1kWh battery

~Securable plate steel lockers and tool caddies.

~New and lightly used battery and corded powered hand tools, e.g., drills, skill saws, sawzalls, etc.

~Servicable Bench and Floor tools for wood and metal shops 

~All the usable hands tools

~Mechanical tools and securable rolling locker/s

~Radio tags/gps trackers

~Fire brick- 1000+

~5000+ sf pond liner

~A work truck, 4wd, F250 or better as we need it to pull a firewood trailer

- A 16'x7'x6'trailer for firewood, etc.

- A herd of water buffalo. A small herd, just 3 or 4.

Snail mail us at:


c/o 608 S Silver

Centralia WA 98531

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